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Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive surgery used to treat progressive vertebral compression fractures (VCF). A VCF is a fracture in the body of a vertebra, which causes it to collapse. In turn, this causes the spinal column above it to develop an abnormal forward curve. It is recommended that kyphoplasty be performed soon after a VCF happens to best restore vertebral body height and size. This procedure tends to help prevent additional fractures by keeping the spine aligned.

How Is Kyphoplasty Performed?

Kyphoplasty involves the use of a device, called a balloon tamp, to restore the height and shape of the vertebral body. During the procedure, your orthopedic surgeon will make two small (less than 3 mm) incisions in the back. A thin tube will be advanced into the fractured vertebra. Through the tube, a small hole will be drilled through the hard, outer part of the bone and into its softer center.

This provides a pathway for insertion of a special balloon into the interior of the vertebra, which is then inflated. Inflation of the balloon pushes apart the caps, or end plates, of the fractured vertebra, and restores the vertebra to its original shape as much as possible. The balloon is then deflated and removed, leaving a cavity that is filled with bone cement. The cement will harden, the tube will be removed, and the incisions closed. Kyphoplasty takes about an hour per fracture level treated.

When you go home, you can expect to return to your normal activities subject to your orthopedic surgeon’s instructions. Most patients do not need any form of physical therapy or rehabilitation.

Top-Notch Spine Surgeons in Orange County, CA

If you and your doctor decide upon kyphoplasty, it will most likely be performed as an outpatient procedure. As a part of Hoag’s commitment to a greater standard of service, you will find an impressive one-to-one or one-to-two nurse to patient ratio in outpatient surgery. The quality of care at Hoag is one of the reasons top notch spine surgeons have aligned their practices with Hoag.

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